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Georgia Family Crisis Solutions
Training Institute

FVIP Facilitator Training-“The Power of Listening”
June 6th (6:00 pm - 9 pm)
June 7th (9:00 am- 7 pm)
Fee: $125.00 *includes lunch on Sat. and snacks
July 11th (8:00am -5:00pm.) *to, include Task force meeting
July 12th (9:00am-6:00pm)
Fee: $135.00 *includes lunch & snacks for two days
1. History of Domestic Violence
2. Violence against Women: Statistics
3. Role of Facilitators in Groups
4. Understanding Abuse — Power and Control
5. Personal Issues of Group Facilitators through Collusion
6. Reducing Client Resistance
7. The Art of Listening-Role Play
8. Group Exercises, Personal Space, etc.
9. Understanding Cultural Diversity
10. Effects of Domestic Violence on Children
11. Non Violent Crisis Intervention
12. Common Characteristics of Perpetrators, Legal Issues
&Victim Safety
Family Violence Intervention Program, State
of Georgia, requires 40 hours of Approved
Facilitator Training for a person to facilitate
Groups. This agency is approved by the state
and offers the opportunity to facilitate after
Call 706-869-7373 to register or
fill out our online registration

Location of Class:
Georgia Family Crisis Solutions Counseling Center
4145 Columbia Rd.
Martinez, Georgia 30907
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